Feature Artist of the Month STEN DUC
Feature Artist of the Month STEN DUC

Each Month We Feature An Artist That Inspire Us.
Name: Sten Duc
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Medium of Choice: Graphic Designer/Illustrator
Social Media:  Instagram: @stenduc Behance: stenduc 



1. If you could meet any artist (past/present) who would it be? And why?

Tons of artist. I want to know their way of thinking, their ability to see the existence from their point of view. James Jean is certainly one of my favorites nowadays. He is unique! 

I love the work of Katsuya Terada, Hua Lu, Kim Jung Ge, Peeta, Jonas De Ro, and so many others.

2. Did your childhood environment have any influence on your creativity?

I believe so. I started painting graffiti living in a classic eastern European neighborhood. Massive wild styles and 3d shapes. It is strongly influenced by the architecture there.

3. Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others? 

Just keep practicing and never give up. Don't be too hard on you, believe in yourself...but not too much :)

4. What does “being creative” mean to you?

Being myself, living my life, being ordinary. Working hard and living for the moment.

5. On a lighter note what Muppet character best fits your personality? And why?  

Honestly, I cannot associate myself with a Muppet character :D I love the show, but I do not remember the characters clearly :) But for sure I like Naruto personality ha-ha




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