Our Story

Five Locs is an Atlanta based streetwear brand, created by twin brothers Jeramon and Amon-Re Crosby. The logo is a defiant symbol of five dred locs. The “five” in Five Locs represents the following: individuality, determination, originality, wisdom, and creativity. At our core, we represent the urban/graffiti art lovers, skaters, and bmxers, individuals with a sense of humor and hip-hop heads.

Company Creed
The company creed is from a classic Boogie Down Production song “My Philosophy” which states the following “…. produce, create, innovate on a higher level...” All products sold are subject to the company’s mission of providing only high quality, cutting-edge graphics and style.

Based on the company believes of thinking outside the box, never following the norm and defining our own images through creativity, this Mantra of Stay Defiant is a perfect fit.

Please contact us with any suggestions or feedback. We appreciate your time and value YOU and your feedback either good or bad.