Our Story

Five Locs is a lifestyle brand for the true urban trendsetter. Our designs - Express multiple aspects of the urban lifestyle: hip hop culture, (old school & new school), positivity, a sense of humor, creativity and going against the norm ---the essence of the true urban trendsetter.

Realizing that culture and style are inter-linked, the continuous recycling of style is predicted through the trendsetters from the urban streets. All product purchases will be subject to the company’s mission of providing only high- quality, cutting-edge graphics and style.

Five Locs makes the statement that through individual expression and style, and being true to oneself, one becomes a trendsetter and impacts not only their community, but also the world.

Company Creed

Company creed is from a classic Boogie Down Production song "My Philosophy". which states the following:

"....produce, create, innovate on a higher level...”