Feature Artist of the Month Metzican
Feature Artist of the Month Metzican


Each Month We Feature An Artist That Inspire Us.
Name: Metzican
Location: Toluca, México
Medium of Choice: Illustrators / Ilustradores
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Metzican is a study of illustration and muralism of Toluca City, made up of 3 Aztec warriors, Pablo Mendoza, Juan Acevedo and Antonio Maldonado, whose objectives are to grow, strengthen and project the beautiful Mexican culture through illustration, in Mexico and the world.


1. If you could meet any artist (past/present) who would it be? And why?
-Jorge González Camarena.
Mexican painter, sculptor, and muralist (1908-1980, a big inspiration for us because of his incredible technique and the way he represented prehispanic scenes. His style looks very actual even nowadays.

2. Did your childhood environment have any influence on your creativity?

Yes, it all started with cartoons, making drawings of our favorite characters, besides that, my father had a lot of magazines about Mexican prehispanic culture, and that was a very important influence to the concept we have now as a flag. I didn’t know at that time, but it was a big influence.

3. Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others?
Well, we started this project after school, in a little plastic table, and sitting in buckets, but we knew that illustration and art was what we wanted to do because we love to do it, so for us, that is the only way to reach success, and more importantly, to enjoy it, DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Don’t do things only for the Money, and the money will come eventually.

4. What does “being creative” mean to you?

The word “creative”, tells everything, for us Everyone who has something in his head, in his mind and take it to paper, (or not necessarily), and then to REALITY, is a creative person, does not matter if it is not in the art field, the most important is the magic that happens when an idea is brought to live.

5. On a lighter note what Muppet character best fits your personality? And why?

Well, we don’t remember very well the show, but I would say that we are Fozzie bear mixed with animal lol, we are making jokes all the time, we like rock music, and sometimes we are crazy!


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