Feature Artist -  Negritoo
Feature Artist -  Negritoo

Each Month We Feature an Artist That Inspire Us. 

This month its Negritoo |  São Paulo, Brazil | Mixed media (Illustrator)

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1. If you could meet any artist (past/present) who would it be? And why?
Probably Michelangelo, because besides being an extraordinary artist, he was a great scholar, and this has always fascinated me. If I had the opportunity, I'd like to know how his work process worked. 

2. Did your childhood environment have any influence on your creative?

Yes, because when I was a child, the facilities of the present day didn’t yet exist, so a lot of things used our imagination more to have fun and this has greatly developed my creativity. For example, I watched Utraseven and Ultraman and didn’t have dolls in that era, so I drew them in paper, cut and play, each episode was a different character. TV in my childhood was a great font of inspiration. 

3. Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others?
Be persistent, practice your art every day and watch everything around you, as it can serve as a source of inspiration. 

4. What does “being creative” mean to you?
Is to be able to absorb information of the world around him and to be able to transform into something totally new 

5. On a lighter note what Muppet character best fit your personality? And why?
I think Kermit, the frog, because he is friendly, calm and relaxed 


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